Maryland fishing

Fish Species on the Bay!

Striped Bass are the most sought after fish on the Chesapeake Bay. Truly a fish for all seasons, huge cows are fished for on the Susquehanna Flats in Spring by sight fishing in skinny water. Pursued as mid size fish in summer months all over the Bay, usually in huge schools found under birds. In Fall they are found at the river mouths fattening up for the winter and migration down the Bay. All winter they are found at the CBBT and Virginia Beach area both in large number and large sizes. Mostly caught on sinking lines but not infrequently caught on top water poppers as well.

Blue fish are well known to anglers as being voracious with incredible biting power. An abundance of bluefish in the Chesapeake Bay occurs from July through October. During these months the action can get fierce. Larger blues may reach 25 inches and weigh 6 pounds. I always try to find the biggest and the best. We also have Spanish Mac 's in the area pretty much the same time as the blue fish. These speedsters are as close to a bonita or false albacore as we get in the Bay and can strip line off the reel with the best of them!

Cow Nosed Rays are frequently caught by summer anglers by accident and usually cursed since they often make off with your fly or lure. These fish are in large numbers, in skinny water, so they can be sight fished and will eat flys and lures. Powerful wing strokes can move you into your backing and put a bend on a rod, not possible by other fish in summer months. When targeted by anglers these fish can be the best game in town.

Sea Trout usually arrive in late June and are caught in Maryland throughout the summer, but catching these fish increases around September when the weather is cooler. Over the years they have become harder to target, but it is sweet when they come to the fly!

Atlantic Croaker, a member of the Drum family is one of the most favored for Chesapeake Bay fishing. Catching these drumming fish is great in the late afternoon and evening hours with the falling tides. Usually hooked on smaller clouser type flys these fish pull as good as any species out there. They can be quite tasty as well!

White Perch are abundant year-round, but are greatest during the spring Maryland fishing season and from September through November, when the perch school to feed. The recreational fishery for white perch is significant, especially in Maryland..


Big Game Fish Species on the Bay!

Cobia, Barricuda, Amber Jack, Black and Red Drum to mention a few, can be found in the lower bay. All are available, at differing times, mostly summer.

COBIA fishing can come in several forms. First, targeted at channel markers in the lower bay we can use poppers on a fly rod or use large colorful fly’s fished on a sinking line into the shadows around the marks. Either one requres a fast retrieve, looking for a reaction bite from the Cobia. The alternative is fishing around shoals where Cobia hang out. This can be enhanced with chum down deep and heavy fly’s fished on a sinking line. Have a floating line available as well and be ready when one Cobia is being brought up. Frequently another is following. (more to come!)

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